Danny Glower Law Firm: What You Need to Do If You Are Falsely Accused Of A Crime

12 Dec

Ideally, bad people should be put in jail, and good people should be protected, but there are instances wherein some people are wrongfully accused of a crime. From pretty theft r shoplifting to murder, no one is immune from wrong accusations, and it can put you in jail for the rest of your life. There are many things that are compromised when you are being accused wrongfully including your family life and your career. The possible reason, why you might have landed on this page, is that you or your loved one is wrongfully accused.

The first step that a falsely accused person should do is to hire a trusted, reliable, and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Remember that evidence can be planted and a talented prosecutor may make you look like you are guilty of the charge. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer at www.dannygloverlawfirm.com can protect your rights and best interest, as opposed to the public notion that it will just make you look guilty. If the police asks you to make a statement, it is best to say "I need to talk first with my lawyer." because you may just say words that can incriminate you, making you look guilty than actually proving your innocence. It can be overwhelming and frustrating being charged with a crime you did not commit, so you need to be prepared, and it's your right to remain silent until you have spoken with your lawyer.

The justice system works in a way that evidence must be presented and the consistency of the events must be narrated in a logical and realistic manner, otherwise, even the most innocent person can be convicted because of inconsistencies on his or her statements. You have the right to reject any search or testing without presenting a search warrant, unless ordered by the court because we cannot discount the possibility of evidence being planted and there might be harmless objects in your property that may look incriminating. After you have been accused and prior to any search warrant issues, it is important to gather evidence and present them to your lawyer at www.dannygloverlawfirm.com and not to the arresting officer, and if you have witnesses to prove your innocence, have them communicate with your criminal defense attorney as soon as they can.

It might be tempting to confront your accuser face-to-face, most especially if you know the person, but it's best to have the matter dealt with the proper legal system through your criminal defense lawyer. A good lawyer can get your charge dropped, but you may also need to go through formal proceedings to prove your innocence, so it is important to know your options. Feel free to check our homepage or website to get more information about criminal law. To gain more knowledge on the importance of attorneys, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/lawyer/.

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